Pala d’Oro

The Pala d’Oro, or Golden Cloth, is a stunning altar retable in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

In Latin, the word pala means cloth, hence the name.

The Doge Pietro Orseolo commissioned it in 976 AD.

He asked some artisans to create a special item made of precious stones and enamel depicting various saints.

That’s how the Pala d’Oro came into existence.

Later, another Doge, Ordelaffo Falier, made it even better in 1105.

It is 3 meters in width and 2 meters in height and has precious stones such as pearls, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, amethysts, rubies, and topazes.

The screen depicts Christian mythology in breathtaking detail, including Christ the Pantocrator, the Virgin, Byzantine Empress Irene, and Gospel anecdotes.

It also illustrates Doge Ordelafo Faliero, who contributed significantly to the screen.

During critical religious festivals, authorities turn the altar screen around so visitors can view the beautiful scenes from the Gospel.

Near the Pala d’Oro, one can find the relics of St. Mark the Evangelist enshrined at the high altar.

Earlier, Paolo Veneziano’s pall, an enticing weekday altarpiece located in the Sala dei Banchetti banquet hall, was used to cover the Pala d’Oro.

If you’re visiting St. Mark’s Basilica, you must check out the Pala d’Oro.

It’s a work of art with pieces from the 13th and 14th centuries that mixes Eastern and Western styles.

It’s pretty cool!

The Pala d’Oro Tickets

The Pala d’Oro Tickets
Image: GetYourGuide.com, Image : Kstudio (Canva)

The following three areas of the St. Mark’s complex are accessible with the St. Mark’s Basilica entry ticket;

  • First and foremost, St. Mark’s Basilica
  • Pala d’Oro
  • St Mark’s Museum and the Loggia dei Cavalli

Ticket prices

Visitor TypeTicket Price
Adult ticket (up to 99 years)€21

Is pala d’oro worth seeing

Yes, the Pala d’Oro in Venice is definitely worth seeing.

It is a masterpiece of Byzantine art, and it is one of the most important works of art in Venice.

The altarpiece is made up of thousands of precious stones and enamels, and it is decorated with scenes from the Bible and the lives of saints.

The Pala d’Oro is a truly stunning work of art, and it is a must-see for any visitor to Venice.

Featured Image: It.wikipedia.org

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