Tomb of St. Mark’s

St. Mark’s Basilica is a must-visit for anyone who loves history and architecture or who has immense faith in Christianity.

The basilica is home to the relics of St. Mark the Evangelist and lots of fascinating stories and legends.

It is located in the heart of Venice, Italy, and is surrounded by beautiful and majestic architecture.

The basilica is adorned with incredible mosaics and tapestries, making it unique and an important part of Venice’s history and culture.

The relic of St. Mark is kept in a tomb in St. Mark’s Basilica, and there are several legends and stories surrounding it.

The most popular of these is the story of how the Venetian merchants managed to bring St. Mark’s remains to Venice.

Legend of St. Mark’s Relics in Venice

Legend of St. Mark’s Relics in Venice
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In 828 AD, Venetian merchants, with the help of divine intervention, secretly took away the remains from the tomb in Alexandria, Egypt.

They replaced the remains with those of St. Claudia and, to avoid suspicion, wrapped the remains in layers of pork.

These remains were then brought to Venice, and a basilica was commissioned to honor the Evangelist saint.

Is the body of Alexander the Great actually in Saint Mark’s Tomb?

Recently, a British historian raised questions about the authenticity of the relic.

He claims that the relic inside St. Mark’s Basilica is not of the patron saint but instead belongs to Alexander the Great.

It proposes that Alexander’s body was rebranded during the Theodosian Decrees to save it from destruction.

This has caused controversy among atheists and religious believers, with no one able to prove either of the claims.

Modern scientific techniques could help identify the body.

However, the Catholic Church has refused to investigate further based on 19th-century observations.

Nevertheless, St. Mark’s Basilica is a must-visit for anyone who wants to marvel at the art, architecture, and history of the place.

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